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Media Approval Ratings: Mitch Albom

Back when we were rehearsing on this here site, trying to talk the overlords into Gawker Media into the notion that a sports blog might not be a terrible idea, one of our first posts was about Mitch Albom's little ethical lapse at the Detroit Free Press. The surprise to us at the time was less than Albom had pulled such a stunt, and more that ... hey, Mitch Albom still writes columns?

We imagine every day Mike Lupica throws blunt objects against the wall that he didn't think of writing a heart-tugging syrupy book about some teacher that he had. Alas: Albom got there first.


Albom doesn't have that much to do with sports anymore, basically just showing up on "The Sports Reporters" every once in a while, but just because Christopher Moltisanti is starring in movies about your books doesn't mean you can't play in the sports sandbox every once in a while.

So: Do you like the Mitch Albom? Do you not like the Mitch Albom? Let us know.

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