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Media Approval Ratings: Skip Bayless

It's kind of amazing to think that, at one point, Skip Bayless was one of the top up-and-coming sportswriters in the country. At the age of 25, Bayless was hired as lead columnist for the Dallas Morning News, an amazing opportunity. He embraced this job by constantly claiming Troy Aikman was gay. And they say bloggers are bad.

Now Bayless doesn't write at all, instead just playing fake contrarian on television. As we've put it, Tiger Woods could win every golf tournament for the next 10 years, and Skip Bayless would say, "yes, but why can't he fly?


We wonder if Bayless ever looks at what he's become and wondered how that could have possibly happened. We doubt it.

So: Do you like the Skip Bayless? Do you not like the Skip Bayless? Fire.

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