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Media Approval Ratings: Stuart Scott

Last week, The New Republic, in a post about Sen. Barack Obama calling into a Philadelphia sports talk radio station, unleashed the following groaner:

Appearances like this give Obama a useful pipeline to white working-class voters. It actually reminds me of a half-cocked theory I've been toying with, which is that younger, edgier sports chatter—most prominently on ESPN, but also on talk-radio stations across the country—seems to be injecting elements of African-American culture into white working-class minds, and in a pretty favorable light. (Who doesn't love Stuart Scott?)


(Emphasis ours.)

As you would probably suspect, the writer (the otherwise awesome Noam Scheiber) watched as commenters gave a collective, "Uh ... we can think of a few people."

Whatever your thoughts about Scott's most famous Deadspin moment, we always found the more indicative Stu Scott moment to be his adminition to fans for booing athletes. We do, to be clear, like everybody, wish Stu all the best in his current health battle. But we're voting on approval ratings here.


So: Do you like the Stuart Scott? Do you not like the Stuart Scott? Lemme know.


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