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They're Not Booing. They're Yelling "Stuuuu!"

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We know this is our job and everything, but we'll admit, we, uh, weren't watching Stuart Scott's little New Years Eve "spectacular" in Times Square over the weekend. Sorry. We've let you down.

Fortunately, Neil Best at Newsday was watching, and apparently Stu had some choice words for fans who might deign to occassionally be disappointed in their athletes. With one minute left in 2005, Stu took us home.

"When you go to the sporting events and you're watching the athletes compete as hard as they can, stop booing, OK? There's no point in booing these athletes. They've all worked hard. They've all trained hard, and let's see you get out there and do it, all right?

"If you want to go and have fun and cheer your team, do that, but if your team, if your guy, if your girl doesn't do anything, c'mon, man, don't boo them."


This is totally true. Stop booing, you jerk fans. Stuart Scott, man, he's been there. Let's see you get out there and do it.

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