Media Approval Ratings: Woody Paige

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We used to have a lot more fun with Woody Paige than we do now because, back when we first started this site, we felt compelled to write about "Cold Pizza" every day, because it was so ridiculous and because we were home all day and the only people watching. (We are certain we were the only people on earth to catch the time Woody ate dog food on air.)

Now, Woody's just another fella on "Around The Horn," with his "wacky" eraseboard comments and occasional reminders that, somehow, he's a Baseball Hall Of Fame voter. So be nice to him, so that he might vote you in.


Of course, the most recent Woody news was the sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him, Jay Crawford and ESPN. Propelled forward, and into the air.


So: Do you like the Woody Paige? Do you not like the Woody Paige? Roll 'em!


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