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Any news about Freddie Mitchell at this point is sad and strange, so it's not surprising that the people who staunchly support him would be people like this man: Alfred Luckerbauer, proprietor of this site.

Luckerbauer, an "Austrian living in Florida," has a long history of internet get-rich-quick businesses. His bio tells us this about him:

Alfred has invested in education and professional training all his life. He was always
looking for the best instructors and mentors to reach his goals. His Father was a teacher and to learn "How to create wealth" was not on the agenda in Austria. The principle of earning money was simple: work with your hands.

Earning money today is still a very simple system : "Think and Grow Rich"

YES, you can discover the secrets for wealth, if YOU choose to do so,
BigALMarketing and Discount Marketing Corp will share all his contacts and mentors with you.


So Luckerbauer has apparently taken on the task of helping Fred Ex rejuvenate his life, through wealth and wellness or some other goofy gospel that's a product of his own imagination, and is serving as some sort of mentor to him. The only reason I know about this is because Mr. Luckerbauer emailed the tips line this morning:

Do YOU agree with this TRASH on Freddie Mitchell on your blog ?

Here is the story....


He also emailed Mr. Leitch this morning as well:

Looking at your post from

it SEEMS you are only a HATE WRITER ? Why do you want to write this TRASH ?

Go to and read.....

Questions ?



One of Luckerbauer's projects is something called P.E.R — Pulsed Electromagnetic Energy — which, coincidentally, just so happens to be a product that Freddie Mitchell endorses. Now, granted, Freddie Mitchell is a comical loon who'd be better served just going away altogether until he actually does return to the NFL. (See? Pulling for you, Fred!) But if he continues to do idiotic things like this for online hucksters who in turn angrily email Deadspin to stick up for him, well, sorry to say Fred that you'll probably continue to see "trash" written about you on the internet. Take a lap, buddy.

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