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Meet Michael Jordan's Online Mistress

As you might have heard, Michael Jordan — the "head of basketball operations" for the Charlotte Bobcats, hee hee — recently filed for divorce from his wife Juanita. He has been rumored to be involved in affairs for years, and now he's officially getting the Olbermann treatment: Someone has set up a Michael Jordan Mistress blog. The woman's name is Lisa Miceli, though a Web search makes it difficult to verify that as a feasible name of a Jordan mistress. It's still pretty entertaining, though.

Mike and I have a brief conversation regarding this and some how he knew that these words may be coming out and said, "I have nothing to hide." So, interestingly enough instead of trying to appease me quietly and help pay for some of the damages, I guess he expected me to pen a book about him.


It's a lot of stuff like that. We particularly enjoyed the part where she claims someone stole her horse because of her affair with Jordan. When you're messing with a woman's horse, that's when you know it's serious. He answers to the name "Diamond," by the way.

Michael Jordan's Mistress

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