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Meet Tebow Sanford Crumley

Naming your children after Florida quarterbacks: Isolated case, or alarming worldwide trend? Tebow Crumley was born on Thursday, and can already bench press 200 pounds and sing all the lyrics to The Pirates of Penzance.

From his dad's blog:

So, our 2nd son was born today, and in accordance with the agreement made early in our marriage, I'm responsible for naming our boys and Alli gets to name the girls. Like our first son, I wanted a name that communicated the quality of person I hope he grows up to be. To this end, I decided to name Son #2 after one of the finest role models of our age — Tim Tebow. If you don't know who Tim Tebow is, don't admit this fact to anyone. Just smile, nod your head, and pretend you're in awe of both his athleticism and his stellar humanitarian reputation (trust me, you'll seem smarter).


Dad's miscalculation: Apparently the Crumleys live in or near Auburn, Alabama, where their child is going to have to grow up with the name Tebow. Should go over really well on the playground.

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