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Meet The Future Mrs. Andy Roddick

This little lassie just got herself engaged to Andy Roddick (the one on the left.) Her name is Brooklyn Decker, a 20-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit exhibitionist, who's been dating Mr. Roddick for a little over a year now. Decker and the former Mr. Mandy Moore met in New York last year, where they somehow managed to not let their hectic professional lives dampen their fiery young love.

Roddick, 25, has already begun fielding questions about his engagement even though he's in the middle of playing in the Masters Series tournament in Key Biscayne. :

Q. So does it feel any different to be an engaged man other than, you know, questions in People Magazine and all that?


ANDY RODDICK: Yeah. I think so. I think it's a life choice, so it is a bit different. I think I lost half my fan base today.

Well, given the astronomical chances of this marriage actually working, we're sure Roddick will regain the fanbase he lost in, oh, a little over a year.

The girl's 20, Andy. She hasn't even grown all of her lady parts yet. (Ed. Note: But she is better at picking NFL games than Paul Zimmerman!) But good luck keeping that gazelle in a cage when you're both traveling nine months out of the year.

(Better non-convenience store picture of Brooklyn Decker below, without the blushing bald guy.)


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