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Meet The Ms. Dice-K

As we begin to learn a bit more about Daisuke Matsuzaka, the newest sliver of heroin to the junkies of Red Sox Nation, we, as we all tend to do, take a look at his homelife. Specifically, his wife, Tomoyo Shibata, who, according to the outstanding research of UmpBump, has caused a stir in Japan for rocking the cradle, being a golddigger (not that we're sayin' that!) and working as (gasp!) a sideline reporter.

Because the former Miss Shibata is significantly older than Matsuzaka (she's 31, he's 26), she was viciously criticized in the Japanese media for "seducing" Matsuzaka when the couple began their liason in 2000 when he was only 19 years old. Because of the difference in their ages, they began dating in secret, and a huge scandal errupted when it came out that Matsuzaka's car had been towed for being illegally parked overnight in front of Shibata's house (it was such a big scandal that the Seibu Lions even suspended Matsuzaka for a few games).


Also, she is known as "Rockets," because of ... well, because of her cans, apparently. And by cans, we mean "breasts," and by "breasts," we mean "rockets."

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