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The Packers might be down to to their fifth-string running back, but that's hardly a bad thing. In fact, new fantasy obsessive pickup Samkon Gado is one of our new favorite players, because we've come across MySpace profile, and, all told, we think the guy sounds kind of cool.

According to his page, he's into "indie pop" and "contemporary Christian" music, loves the movie Gattaca and "just graduated from Liberty University and am getting started in the real world. I love sports and am also beginning to dabble in the arts a little bit - specifically music and drawing. And that's about it." He also says his goal is to meet Christian music artist Nichole Nordeman. Seems like a nice enough fellow; certainly a much more likable backup Packers running back than Hamper Shitter Najeh Davenport.

Sam Gado Profile [MySpace]