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Meet The New York Giants Fans Who Still Love Their Team, 60 Years After It Left Them Behind


The New York Giants became the San Francisco Giants in 1957, and all that remains of the stadium they used to play in, the Polo Grounds, is an old staircase that once led to the stadium’s entrance. Tucked within a nearby housing development are two plaques, one denoting where home plate used to be, and another marking the spot of Willie Mays’s historic catch in the 1954 World Series.


Despite the cross-country distance in a time before SportsCenter highlights and, some fans from the tri-state area have remained loyal to the Giants throughout the years. One of those fans is Gary Mintz, who in 2011 formed what is now called the New York Giants Preservation Society. The group meets periodically throughout the year, and this season, their second meeting of the year was timed with the San Francisco Giants coming to play the Mets. Fittingly, the meeting was held on the the old staircase, now known as the John T. Brush steps.

Some of the fans grew up in the Bronx, some grew up in New Jersey, some attended games at the Polo Grounds, and some only heard about the ballpark experience from their families. But they were all die-hard Giants fans, and they all wanted to talk about Willie Mays’s catch and Bobby Thomson’s Shot Heard ’Round the World.

Joining the party was Giants closer Mark Melancon, who is in his first season with the club. Melancon heard all about the history of his new club from some very eager New York Giants enthusiasts, and we got to hear their stories as well.

Creative Producer: Jorge Corona