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Meet The Slick-Fielding, Switch-Hitting, Soft-Toss-Crushing 4-Year-Old

Two weeks ago, we posted a video of 5-year-old baseball phenom Ariel Antigua. For the most part, it went over well. One concerned parent, however, took it upon himself to assert that his son was not only younger, but better.

Here are the emails that this man, Davey, sent in regards to his son, Tyler:

I am sure that you have already gotten a bunch of emails like this one but this Antigua kid isn't that good. He might not make the all star team for our t-ball league and "might" play in the infield on our rec team. My 4 yr. old can play circles around this kid. Could the coach hit him rollers any softer? If you were putting together a video to promote your coaching abilities, would you showcase a kid with that throwing motion. How about him telling the kid to swing before the ball even shows in the machine. This is a joke isn't it? Just so you don't think I am THAT dad, I told my wife to get some tape over the next few weeks and i will send in a video of my kid who is definitely above average but no superstar, and is 5 times the player this kid is.

By the way, I had my kid watch the video and tell me what he thought of this "superstar". His responses (in order):

"That kid sucks!"
"He swings like a girl"
"He throws like a girl"
"His coach can't hit very hard for a big boy"
"Can I go back outside now"


I responded that if he sent along a counterpoint video, I would post it. Yesterday, he produced this:

Here is the link to the video I made of my kid. I sent you and AJ both an email last night, but went to bed before it was confirmed. I didn't see it in my sent folder this morning, so something went haywire.

Yes I am fat

Yes he is a switch hitter (insert gay joke here)

Yes I bribe him with chicken wings at one point.

Hope you enjoy. I can't wait to see which kid everybody thinks is better.

Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry it took so long. I had to go get one of those flip video gimmicks!

Now, Davey's paean to his boy runs close to seven minutes long, so I cut it down to a manageable 40-ish seconds and overlaid it with a song. You can watch the full version here. Any baseball dads out there have a 3-year-old they wanna pimp?

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