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Meet The USA's Tipsy, Slovenia-Trashing, Bathroom-Snoozing Miss World Contestant (Video)

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CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Remember my encounter with the Miss World ladies? Absent from that group was one Lisa-Marie Kohrs, the U.S. representative. We've learned what became of her that day, and what became of her was a sloppy, jingoistic mess.


A fellow American has passed along the videos you see below, which were shot after the Slovenia-United States game in Johannesburg and which show Miss World USA (not to be confused with the other, Donald Trumpier Miss USA) filibustering her fellow passengers on a bus, having commandeered the driver's microphone. It'd been a long day for our heroine. Earlier, at the stadium, our videographer explains, she had been found on the floor of a bathroom:

This was right after the Slovenia game and we just got back to the bus and she was laying on the seat with her legs across the aisle blocking the walkway. As you can see she was sitting in the first seat as you get on the bus so she was blocking everyone that tried to get on. I was standing in the seat across from her looking out the front window and she told me to "deal with her feet". Once everyone was on the bus and we started to go She asked the bus driver for the mic and he gave it to her. I am not sure why he did that. As for the bathroom floor, obviously I was not there but my friend was and told me that she was so drunk at the game that they found her sleeping on the bathroom floor at/during the game.

I sat next to some of the other Miss Worlds that day. Most of them tiptoed up the aisle, all princess-like, plainly less than thrilled to be sitting with the riff-raff, and when the beer went flying, they all scurried away. But Miss World USA? She was off getting hammered somewhere. This is just the sort of lady I want representing my country.

Luke O'Brien is a writer in Washington, D.C. He's written for Details, Washington Post Magazine, Boston Magazine,, and other publications. He'll be filing dispatches from South Africa throughout the World Cup.