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Meet The Yankee Mean Girls

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Laura Posada. Karen Burnett. Amber Sabathia. Michelle Damon. Leigh Teixeira. These are the Yankee wives the NY Post declares are the most popular and powerful of the Bronx Bombshells. Road beef beware.


There are rules to observe when you become a Yankee wife and there is little tolerance for Derek Jeter's latest Hollywood nymphs. Minka Kelly you are not welcome in the Yankee Wives club. According to the NYP, flavor-of-the-minutes like Kelly "are often cautioned to keep their distance from the long-suffering wives. Kelly watches the games secluded in Jeter's private box."

But the gals love Kate Hudson. She's allowed to sit with them. Amber Sabathia gave her the stamp of a approval: "She's a great girl," Amber said. "She's super cool." And Laura Posada — the longest-suffering of the "long-suffering" wives — also says Penny Lane is welcome: "She doesn't act like a superstar. She's on the field, she's in the family room, she's really becoming part of the group. They're happy, and it shows in the way he's playing. I think it's great."

One e who never sat with the coffee klatch? Cynthia Rodriguez. Why is that not surprising.

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