This is Brittney Griner, a 6'8" senior from Nimitz High School near Houston, and if you've been waiting for legitimate in-game thunder dunks from a girl, this is the real deal.

Brittney is actually a McDonald's All-American who is committed to Baylor for next season, but she won't be going to the Mickey D's game in Miami next month. Why? Because her school won't let her out of class to attend. That seems ... um ... insane, right? The last thing a high school wants to do is let its students succeed at what they're best at!

No one knows why they won't let her go and frankly, I'm not that interested. This post is mostly an excuse to show this video of Brittney absolutely crushing some poor girl who must be giving up two feet of height to her. This is actually from a game last season where she missed a quadruple double by one assist, but honestly, it doesn't even feel like these two teams are playing the same game. She's the only female player I've seen who can it throw it down two-handed and without a running start and that alone could make her the women's game next big thing.

Just in time for the NBA lockout to make the women's game the only one in town! Huzzah!


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