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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Meet Your Weekend Deadspin Guest Editor, In The Most "Weekend" Sense Of The Term

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I'm Moe, and contrary to what some of you seem to be insinuating, I haven't smoked weed in such a long time you would probably have to carbon-date my urine to find any trace.


If they do that sort of thing with urine. Drinking is more my thing, which is obviously how A.J. and I got to thinking this was a good idea. So anyway: I "sound" this way (so to "speak") because I am the least qualified person ever to blog about sports. This is in part because I never played any, and in part because my parents always seemed to be monopolizing the TV with this Masterpiece Theater bullshit, and mainly because I'm a girl. I do have a fun story about getting hit on by a young LeBron James I will tell you this weekend, because there was a time I followed sports when I lived with this dude and had a job writing about the footwear industry, but basically my interest here is in broadening my horizons. I have written about many topics in my career as an actually-paid blogger — and if you were wondering, I am being actually paid by Talking Points Memo at the moment — but I feel like the financial crisis has sort of gotten me into a rut, where I've just started to feel like I can't have a drink without also delivering one of those credit default swap soliloquys, wait that is not a word oh who cares, and anyway, I am hoping that learning about this inspiring new topic will have an effect somewhat akin to how normal overworked people would, say, "go outside" or "read a whole novel" or something. Yeah, one day I'll figure out how to do those things too. In the meantime, help me blog for you. No topic overstretches the limits of my abilities to dispense comprehensively ignorant commentary. You can reach me on the tips line or, for that personal touch, here.

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