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This kinda makes me wish I was a Memphis fan. The good people at The Realests noticed the Memphis dance team doing the "Whoop that Trick" dance from the movie Hustle and Flow, which takes place in Memphis. And then they dug up this video of Memphis fans taunting some UAB fans with the same song and dance.

Now, I think the song is kind of lame, but I can get behind the sentiment. Not that I advocate the beating of prostitutes (at least, not until I have to go out tonight and collect), but you can't tell me that it doesn't sound like fun to sit in the stands of a game you're about to win, singing "Whoop That Trick" at your beaten opponents. It might just be that I'm an immature idiot, but that sounds fun to me. A lyrical sampling:

Born and raised in the M, Memphis, Tennessee
Before it's said and done, you bitches goin' remember me
This only the beginning, I got a lot to say
It's been a long time, and you got hell to pay
Ain't no love ho, just bring it the do'
I bar none, let my nuts hang to the flo'
So if you want some, this is your death wish
Better come correct, because I came to break you off trick

Memphis lets their nuts hang to the flo' tonight against UCLA at 7:05. LSU and Texas tip soon.


Memphis Can't Stop Whooping That Trick [The Realests]