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Memphis vs. Ohio State Liveblog, 1st Half

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Slight adjustment of plans with the liveblog, as you may have noticed. We're getting a little bit of a late start because of some technical issues. It's still a liveblog, but sort of... delayed. Sorry.

• First play of the game was Oden in the post against Dorsey. It did not go well for Dorsey. Oden bodied him aside and dropped in a hook shot.

• Two possessions for Memphis, two turnovers. On the third, the shot goes up, bud Oden out-masculines him for the rebound. Dorsey then proceeds to force two shots, losing control of the ball on both. He does not remind me of Goliath. He reminds me of Bill Gates trying to body up Charles Oakley.


• The ref that's doing this game, by the way, was hit in the head with a couple of flying objects in an NIT game in West Virginia last week.

• Ohio State's playing a 2-3 zone, something which Memphis has apparently never seen before. Props to Thad Matta for breaking out such an unusual and newfangled strategy.

• There's a three-ball. Memphis, somewhat amazingly, trails by just 4.

• Doneal Mack of Memphis has an interesting hairstyle. It's close to shaved on top, and flames engulf the bottom of his head. I bet his barber is on scholarship at Memphis.


• And via their freakish athleticism, Memphis now has taken the lead, 10-9.

• Kareem Cooper has entered the game for Joey Dorsey, and is playing defense with all the agility and ferocity of a totem pole. The only purpose he's served thus far is to stem the embarrassment of Joey Dorsey. 17-15, Ohio State.


• Raftery mentions that Verne Lundquist's father is a preacher, eliciting no response fro Lundquist. He must be ashamed... maybe he's a Scientologist preacher or something.

• Second foul on Dorsey, and he's back out. This is, so far, one of the all-time greatest examples of someone's inability to back up their words. He wasn't just wrong, he's been embarrassingly wrong. He talked like Ali, and is playing like Shawn Bradley.


• We've settled into a little bit of a groove here, trading baskets and scoring points. Ohio State leads by 4, 32-28, at the under-4:00 timeout.

• Memphis is going under screens, leaving shooters open, and Ohio State's making them pay. David Lighty's playing the game of his life, and the Buckeyes lead by 7.


• Back to back nasty highlights... Conley goes behind the back to split a double-team, and then Chris Douglas-Roberts just bumrushes the basket and thunderjams one in traffic. Impressive force.

• Blatant offensive charge called on Butler, and Memphis has a chance to tie it up right before they half ... the three-ball is unsuccessful, but being down three is an acceptable outcome for Memphis. The three-ball's kept them in it. We shall return for the second half.

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