Men, Keep Your Wives From Bill Belichick

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OK, so it turns out that Patriots coach Bill Belichick is quite the swordsman.

Bill Belichick has been named The Other Man in an ugly New Jersey divorce case and the jilted hubby has asked the court to let his lawyers quiz the New England Patriots head coach about his relationship with the missus, a blond fortysomething mother of two.

All kinds of great stuff here. Apparently Belichick flew the woman to the Super Bowl in Houston, and they've actually known each other since he was with the Giants back in 1990.

It's impossible for anyone to deny Belichick's coaching prowess over the last few years. But who know what he was capable of? This guy's got real field vision. Anyone who has watched a Patriots game over the last few years knows just how devastatingly handsome Belichick is, and now a poor New Jersey husband knows all too well.


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