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Mercifully, Tony Siragusa Will Not Appear On Your Televisions This Playoff Season

Tony Siragusa's book entertained us, even though he lied in the course of promoting it. But he consistently fails to entertain us on NFL telecasts. He also consistently fails to inform us, about football or, for that matter, anything else. This sweater was the high point of his 2012. Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston can only do so much to preserve what's left of the broadcast's integrity. And—no wonder—Fox has now bumped Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick into the second spot in its rotation, which means they (rather than Kenny, Moose, and Goose) will announce the less-attractive NFC playoff game during divisional weekend.


The network diplomatically told Newsday's Neil Best that "both broadcast teams had very strong years." But that's not true! Neither team had a strong year. If you're in the business of announcing NFL games, and you're not Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, you probably didn't have a strong year. (There's a possible exception here for Joe Buck, Ian Eagle, Mike Mayock, and Jon Gruden, depending on your taste.) But unless you're Tony Siragusa, you didn't ceaselessly bellow useless information from field level. I suppose that's an accomplishment.

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