We've all been there—you're hanging in the cafeteria when the school mascot walks in and you find yourself with an overwhelming urge to punch him the face. If you're a Fordham student, resist that urge.

One unfortunate—possibly drunk or high—student found out the hard way yesterday when he slugged the Fordham Ram in a campus cafeteria, knocking him to the ground and knocking off his giant fake head. It was then that the unfortunate puncher realized that the man inside the costume was quite large and about to throw a few punches himself. The original fighter fled, but did not get far. The mascot took off his costume, chased the man out on to the quad, and cold-cocked him good.

Hundreds of bewildered students enjoying the warm weather saw a man dressed in Fordham athletics gear jump over the fence and sprint straight to the middle of Eddie's, followed by several cafeteria workers. He approached a Fordham student and, with one sickening punch to the face, knocked him to the ground.....

One side of the student's face turned an ugly shade of purple. When Carroll went to restrain him, he resisted, pleading to be allowed to go back to his room. Many witnesses suspected the student was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. When Carroll and other security personnel tried to put him in a security vehicle, he resisted more violently, and security tried to put handcuffs on him. The mascot stood quietly and agreed to go to the hospital calmly. Both were eventually taken to the hospital.

Yes, there are a lot of non-specific pronouns in there, even for a college newspaper, but I think the message is clear: Don't get drunk and fool around with sheep. The good news is that it was the biggest victory for the Fordham athletic department in 10 years.

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