Messy Niners-Dolphins Stadium Brawl Punctuated By Miami Fan Complaining About Play-Calling

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What prompted this fight in the stands at Sunday’s 49ers-Dolphins game is unclear—the uploader’s description shares his account of the events—but there’s a lot going on.

The clip starts with two men in Ndamukong Suh jerseys being rude, with the more leathery Suh attacking a guy in a Troy Polamalu Steelers jersey. The Steelers fan looks displeased, and after some talking back and forth, a third guy in a Suh jersey jumps in and starts punching. Polamalu looks annoyed by getting hit, at most.

As that’s happening, one of the younger Suhs starts fighting with a 49ers fan, who calls him a “fuckin’ asshole,” and says, “I got grandkids.” Leathery Suh fan, who had been sitting down, jumps up and starts punching the guy with grandkids. The Niners fan’s party, which includes a woman holding a young child, are trying to deal with the fight in front of them, and the one in glasses starts throwing punches. One of the Suh guys jumps in and punches his glasses off.


The surrounding fans disperse and calm down the fighting fans. A helpful Dolphins fan in a lucha libre mask finds the Niners fan’s glasses and returns them. A different Dolphins fan wearing receiver’s gloves, near the person holding the camera, becomes exasperated with the game, the actual reason why all of these people came to the stadium. “Why are we throwing the ball?” he asks no one in particular, as everyone in the brawl picks themselves up. “Why are you passing the ball?”

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