Metrodome Memories Are A Little Pathetic

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Since the Twins have a fancy new field, it was time to get rid of all the leftover stuff at the Metrodome. A phrase comes to mind: "And nothing of value was lost."


The Twins had long advertised a "Garage Sale," to clear out all the merchandise clogging up the basements and attics of the Metrodome, and indeed 15,000 fans showed up. (Yes, that's more people than at a good number of Twins games.) So what hidden treasures did fans line up around the parking lot for?

A few feet away, Centerville resident Kevin Peickert was lugging a life-sized cutout of Kent Hrbek that set him back $50. It was, he said, worth a 12-hour overnight wait.

"I knew you had to be here early to get the good stuff, because it was going to be gone right away," he said.

Twelve hours for a cardboard standup? Surely Mr. Peickert just had poor taste, and others did better.

After waiting outside the Dome since 4:30 a.m., Buffalo resident Ron Miller emerged triumphant a few minutes after the doors were open. His prize: a 30-foot banner commemorating the late Kirby Puckett's induction into the baseball Hall of Fame in 2000.

For now, though, the banner is "unfortunately" destined for a closet at home because Miller said he doesn't have a big enough place to display it.

The scene after the savage hordes had their way with the stash wasn't pretty:

Not much left but bobbleheads, Homer Hankys and refrigerator magnets," said Rusty Krentz, who drove three hours from her home in far western Minnesota to pick through the sale. "It was worth it, though."

The stuff, most of it ephemera, was piled on folding tables along 15 sections of the Dome's concourse. By noon, the pickings had gotten pretty slim.

Ball caps and straw hats went for $3, a bobblehead of TC, the team's furry mascot, cost $5. Logo-emblazoned socks: $4, and whiffle bats were $2.


This is the way the Metrodome ends. Not with a bang but a closeout sale.

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