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Mets Bullpen Catcher Flips His Car, Tries To Flee On Foot, Is Charged With DUI

Every Sunday night during camp, the Mets have team bowling outings. Seems like fun. Bowling, unlike baseball, is a game at which the Mets could conceivably succeed.

But it appears as though the Mets' bullpen catcher allegedly bowled a little too much last night:

New York Mets bullpen catcher Eric Langill, 32, was charged with DUI in a single-car rollover at a traffic circle Sunday night, according to sheriff's reports.
According to law enforcement reports, tire marks indicate that the white Honda Accord turned hard to the right as it approached the intersection, causing the car to go over a curb and hit a street sign and concrete fountain at the center of the traffic circle. That caused the car to flip upside down.
Langill attempted to leave the scene on foot and was stopped by the witnesses, according to the reports. A deputy quoted Langill as initially saying the accident occurred because a car cut him off as he was going home from a bowling alley.


According to a sheriff's deputy, Langill said he had two to three drinks last night, which seems insufficient ammo for rolling over a Honda Accord in suburban Florida. But these are the Mets, after all.

Mets' bullpen catcher Langill charged with DUI in St. Lucie County [TC]

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