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Mets Consider Making Citi Field More Homer-Happy

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Building a stadium around Johan Santana probably seemed like a good idea at the time. But three years and so many damn doubles later, Citi Field is more homer unfriendly than anyone could have predicted: only San Diego and San Francisco see less home runs per game in the National League. So the Mets are thinking about bringing the fences in, not necessarily to make David Wright a power hitter again, but to sell tickets.

"To some extent it's a question of entertainment," [GM Sandy] Alderson said. "The hardcore baseball fan enjoys the 2-1, the 3-2 (score). We're appealing to a little broader segment. I think offense is appealing. Offense sells."


First to change: the needless Modell's Nook in right field. (HOK Sport: putting random quirks in retro ballparks for no reason whatsoever.) That's probably gone. Same goes for the unreachable 16-foot wall in left-center, which is a load-bearing wall so can't be altered. Two options: paint a "home run" line at 8 feet, or set up a new fence closer to the plate.

Or! Or, and hear me out, and I know this is crazy, but...get better pitching, and don't give Jason Bay $16 million a year.


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