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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Mets Shore Up Their Crappy Bullpen

Illustration for article titled Mets Shore Up Their Crappy Bullpen

And Mets fans have reminded me several times that I have yet to post this news. Like Dan, who sent the email featured below. He's been deputized Deadspin Mets correspondent for this afternoon.


Hey AJ I know you are a die heard Philly fan, but you think maybe you could report the Mets acquiring JJ Putz in a 12 player three team trade. I've checked the feed over the past 15 hours and didn't see it even mentioned. Are you completely ignoring the story after your douche bag GM made some asinine comments about beating us the last two years?

"I don't think it affects us much," general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. insisted yesterday at the winter meetings at the posh Bellagio. "They've had Billy Wagner, and we still beat them the last 2 years in our division." (Philly Daily News)


Or are you ignoring it b/c you hate the Mets and are scared shitless that in two days we just put together what could be the most dominant late-game tandem in years?

Keith Law has a great post about it in his blog. The biglead reported it three hours ago although the story broke last night. Where you at AJ?



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