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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Miami And Boston College Clear Benches After Grand Slam Bat Flip

Remember Edgar Michelangeli, the University of Miami baseball player who clobbered a three-run home run during the ACC Tournament and stopped to admire it for a very long time before flipping his bat? Well, he did it again.


Yesterday he smacked a grand slam against Boston College in Super Regional play to make the score 9-3—Miami would eventually advance to the College World Series with a 9-4 victory. Michelangeli ran most of the way down the first base line holding his bat in the air before staring down his own dugout and throwing his bat into the air. Some Boston College players vociferously took issue with Michelangeli’s celebration and the benches cleared, though no fighting of consequence occurred.

Reporter at the New York Times

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