Miami Cops Just Want To Have Fun

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Before we get into "The Sopranos" and Tim Duncan and an odd new reality "show" ESPN's starting, we thought we'd bring up this little nugget of potential amusement, from yesterday's Palm Beach Post, via our man Lt. Winslow. It appears that the cops who arrested Tony La Russa back in March were complete unprofessional assheads, and it's all on tape.

Responding officer John O'Keefe, a rookie, parks behind a sleeping La Russa, then gets scolded by a colleague, who tells him in no @%#$@&^@ uncertain terms to park in front of the manager's vehicle to prevent an escape. A group of laughing cops discuss how to "scare" the person snoring inside by pushing their faces against the windows and banging loudly. Several officers scram when they find out the motorist is La Russa. And two lawmen prepare a dazed-and-confused La Russa for jail by teaching him gang signs.


You know, you thought this couldn't be any more embarrassing for LaRussa, and then there's a bunch of "Reno 911" idiots goofing around in front of his car window. (We wonder if they paid tribute to La Russa by subbing in four different cops in a half inning.) When this video comes out, it's going to be a pleasant day.

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