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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Mic'd Up Carlos Boozer Taught Us A Lot About Carlos Boozer

Carlos Boozer was wearing a mic during last night’s Rockets-Bulls game, and it allowed us to learn so many wonderful things about Carlos Boozer.


Things we learned about Carlos Boozer:

  • He likes to call Mike Dunleavy “Dun Dun”
  • His “And one!” screams are just as loud and silly as they appear to be on TV
  • He likes to yell, “Block party!” when he thinks a teammate is about to get a block
  • He refers to dunks as “bangs,” “freaking one,” and “Space Jams”
  • Some of his other favorite catchphrases are: “Holdat,” “Bang bang,” and “Aaah!”
  • He doesn’t seem to care that Tomike Shengelia can’t understand a word he’s saying
  • His nickname for Taj Gibson is “Taj-y Woo”
  • He likes Jimmer Fredette a whole lot
  • He never really stops talking
  • He’s pretty much always just talking to himself

In sum, Carlos Boozer is really great.