A new study, one of those studies that old white men who don't get out of the office much put together ostensibly to justify a life in which they will die alone and covered in graham crackers, makes the claim that the feeling of being in "love" exhibits behavioral changes most consistent with psychosis and that being in "love" stimulates the same part of the brain as drug abuse does. In other words, love equals heavy drug use. And you know what that means: Time to check in with Michael Irvin!

The blog Steroid Nation takes a look at Irvin's behavior and thinks he fits into the study right well.

It is clear now. The 'Playmaker,' with a heavily football-pummeled pre-frontal cortex, is really a swooning lover. His need for lust love is responsive to cocaine a dopamine agent. While bathing his dopamine neurons in white powder neuroactive chemicals, testosterone is released, causing an increase in hanging with strippers an "indiscriminate scramble for physical gratification." Upside your head Serious mental health consequences can ensue if such gratification is denied.


Makes sense to us!

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