Watching his boy Marcus dominate from his spot in the stands, His Airness was reportedly quite misty-eyed. Maybe he was embarrassed by the Kurt Rambis prescription specs?

In typical Jordan fashion, Marcus scored a game-high 19, and sealed the 69-66 championship victory for Chicago's Whitney High by going 4-of-4 from the line in the last three minutes. As an aside, it has to be pretty surreal to wear a headband with your dad's likeness on it. This is a feeling that only children of Michael Jordan...and possibly Hulk Hogan...will ever know.

Jordan's other son, Jeffrey, is a sophomore guard at the University of Illinois. His team was bounced from the NCAA tournament earlier this week by twelfth-seeded Western Kentucky. Guess which son rode home in the back seat?

Jordan's son wins state championship [Rivals High]