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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Michael Phelps wanted to swim eight events at the World Swimming Championships, and he wanted to win 8 gold medals. The biggest obstacle in his way was fellow American Ian Crocker, the worst record holder in the 100m butterfly, an event in which Crocker would be swimming against Phelps.


And Phelps beat him, taking the gold in the event, leaving Crocker with silver. The last two gold medals should have been a formality for Phelps, particularly in 4x100m relay, in which the American team was expected to destroy the world record. The American team didn't win, though ... because Ian Crocker got the team disqualified. He left the starting block 4 one-hundredths of a second early, which is not allowed.

I probably shouldn't accuse Ian Crocker of anything untoward. Phelps certainly won't, and Crocker, judging from his blog, seems like a very nice and reasonable man who just loves swimming and parsnips. But swimming really could use more controversy and scandal, so here's hoping that Crocker laughs at Phelps at a press conference tomorrow, and then Phelps goes after him like a Ukranian dad after his swimmer daughter.

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