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Michael Vick, Born For The Arena League

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It is a great sign for Mr. Mexico that, just a few days after word leaked that Michael Vick will plead guilty to electrocuting puppies — and a few days before he actually will — there's already people in the league who are lobbying for him to play when he gets out of jail. Sure, it's the Arena League, but hey, beggars choosers all that.


Yep, the Arena League boosters are already sensing opportunity.

If Michael Vick wants to revive his career and establish any kind of credibility to his image, he will need to find a home on a football field, and be a model citizen. If I'm Michael Vick, I give Commissioner Baker a call and beg him for a chance to restore himself by playing in the AFL. Vick is a number one overall pick for a reason. He holds several NFL records, led his team to several deep playoff runs, and can be a game changer when things look bleak. If Vick were given a chance to play in the Arena Football League, he would most certainly succeed. It would be a great draw for the AFL fans across the country, and as long as Vick is sincere in his efforts to redeem himself, could be a great figurehead for the AFL.

To AFL owners, go on and take a chance. Everyone deserves a second opportunity to redeem themselves. Who knows, the gamble might end up in a giant payday: an Arena Bowl Championship.


Of course, by "giant payday," we mean, "500 bucks, plus expenses and a decoder ring."

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