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Here's something we didn't know: At Virginia Tech, they actually have a Michael Vick Hall. (You can kind of see it on that map, if you squint.)

The Hokies named the hall after Vick when he made a "sizable donation," and since they don't plan on returning the money anytime soon, they see no reason to change the name.

The Hokies retired Vick's jersey in 2002, the year after the quarterback was drafted out of Tech by the Atlanta Falcons. The number itself is still given out to players. [Athletic Director Jim] Weaver said that although he doesn't condone Vick's actions, he doesn't see a need to lower No. 7 from a place of honor at the Lane Stadium.

"He earned that when he was here, before he ever was involved in these activities," Weaver said Monday.


Wait, they retired his number but still give it out to players? How is that retiring it? Oh, and the vet school isn't near that Hall, is it?

By the way: Stephon Marbury would like to clarify ... himself.

Despite Mixed Emotions Vick Hall Will Stand [Sons Of Sam Malone]

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