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Michael Vick Is Angering Congress

We should probably check in on Mr. Mexico before we get too far into this hot Friday afternoon. First off, it appears he's gonna be facing a judge who isn't likely to cut him any favors. You probably would have expected that. What you might not have expected would be the U.S. Congress pulling out the whupping stick for Vick yesterday.

It's pretty difficult to get Congressmen to say anything all that biting. But when it comes to quarterbacks torturing animals, boy, did Vick ever get West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd's panties in a pickle.

"Barbaric!," he yelled. "Let that word resounding from hill to hill, and from mountain to mountain, and valley to valley across the broad land. Barbaric! Barbaric! May God help those poor souls who'd be so cruel. Barbaric! Hear me! Barbaric!"
"I am confident that the hottest places in hell are reserved for the souls of sick and brutal people who hold God's creatures in such brutal and cruel contempt," he said.


Seriously: Let that word resounding from hill to hill. From mountain to mountain. From valley to valley. BARBARIC.

And to think just a year ago that word was Barbaro.

Also, the Falcons and the NFL are considering asking Vick to take a paid leave, and we take this moment to remember one of the most well-mannered people of 2003.

Michael Vick Dogfighting Case Makes Way To Floor Of U.S. Senate [Fox News]

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