Michael Vick Is the Most Hated Person in Sports

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Here is a list, based on an internet poll of people 13 and older, of the most disliked people in sports. It is mostly rapists, drug-users, dog-killers, and John McEnroe.

The top five:

1. Michael Vick
2. Manny Ramirez
3. Alex Rodriguez
4. Terrell Owens
5. Kobe Bryant


Michael Vick makes sense: he killed puppies! But is Manny really more hated than A-Rod? More hated than Barry Bonds? Than Clemens?

Once you get past the top five, it becomes more apparent that this list is made up primarily of black athletes whom white fans view with suspicion—of insufficient respect for authority/fans/journalists or inherent laziness (politely known as lack of "hustle").

Like number six: Allen Iverson! Number eight: Stephon Marbury!

Oh, but there are white people listed! Specifically Nick Saban (number 9) and, most bizarrely, John McEnroe (number 10), who has been a mostly charming cartoon character since his retirement from being a really annoying tennis player.

We are suspicious of the pollster's methodology, mostly because the list seems really New York-centric (does anyone outside of the readership of the New York Post give a shit about Isiah Thomas? or Starbury for that matter?). But how could a poll of 1,100 people on the internet be wrong!?