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Michael Vick Loses An Endorsement Deal, And Not Because He Killed A Bunch Of Dogs

Just two weeks ago, Vick signed a deal to be the face of EnerJel, a nutritional supplement/energy boost that you can rub into your skin. Because swallowing Gatorade was getting too difficult. But this was a product whose time has come, and Vick was clearly the only man who could bring it to the masses. So parent company Fuse Science went all out, inking Vick to a 5-year contract for cash and stock (interestingly, the terms were tied to his on-field performance).

"I thought Fuse was an excellent opportunity as far as what they bring to the table," Vick said at the time.


They should have brought more to the table. As part of the terms of the exclusive deal, Vick could not endorse any other sports nutrition product. So Fuse Science was a little surprised last week, when Vick signed another 3-year exclusive contract with MusclePharm, a direct competitor.

Yesterday, Fuse Science terminated its contract with Vick, saying it "created an unacceptable conflict." Sucks for Fuse, who thought they had this all locked up. But that's the danger when dealing with NFL guys — they're not used to guaranteed contracts.

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