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Michael Vick has now been in jail for about six months, and though he still has at least a year-and-a-half to go, he's not immune to bad news from outside the prison. As if possibly had any money left, now the Canadians are after him.

A federal judge on Thursday ordered imprisoned quarterback Michael Vick to repay more than $2.4 million to a Canadian bank for defaulting on a loan.

The Royal Bank of Canada sued Vick in September, arguing his guilty plea to a federal dogfighting charge — and the resulting impact on his career — prevented him from repaying the loan.


This was the loan Vick took our for his restaurant, which didn't work out well either. You know, Michael? Considering the debt and protests that await you when you get out of jail, you almost might be better of staying in there.

Vick Sacked With $2.4M Loan Default [ABC News]

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