Michelle Beadle Is Ready For The ESPYs

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But are you? is the real question. Actually, you don't have much choice. There's no real sports. The only TV tonight is scripted garbage, full of hackneyed jokes backed by forced laughter. Or, you could watch sitcoms. Ba-dum-tsh!

Seth Meyers is the head writer for one of the unfunnier SNL eras, and can't even get into any sketches. This makes him overqualified to host tonight's awards. As Drew writes elsewhere,

I assume he'll be on hand to make jokes about LeBron James a week after everyone else has already made them all. Say, it's just like his work on "Weekend Update"! Seriously though, someone needs to explain Seth Meyers' success to me. At least little girls think Jimmy Fallon is cute. I almost understand his appeal. But with Meyers, it's like someone found a guy working at an accounting firm and said, "You! You seem mildly snarky! How would you like to be head writer of SNL?" And off he went.


I think it will be slightly less painful to watch than seeing Pete Carroll try to distance himself from USC on tonight's HBO Real Sports.

Well, bad television isn't so bad if you can MST3K it. So use this space as your ESPY's open thread.


(Beadle photo via her Twitter)


That's all for today. We'll be back tomorrow, unless something big happens tonight. (Protip: it won't.)