To the absolute delight of some, Michelle Wie has not only failed to make another cut on the PGA Tour, she has once again finished dead last. She went 77-81 on Thursday and Friday, leaving her at +14. The leaders are currently at -9. That's a twenty-three stroke difference. Twenty-three strokes is a lot.

I just wonder if it's all worth it for her. I know she wants to do it, I know she enjoys competing against the men, but it's gotta be hard for a 16-year-old girl to open up a newspaper every Saturday and read that she sucks; especially when it comes from a gleeful, smug, jealous prick like the one linked above.

If a sponsor wants to give her a shot, I don't see any harm in it. She wants to do it, she gets some experience, the sponsor gets some publicity, and a sponsor's exemption doesn't take a spot away from another deserving player. I believe she has to learn to win against women, too, but I don't see why there isn't time for both. If she wants to elect to take a beating on the course and in the newspaper, that's her decision.

The good news is that she was only two strokes worse than someone named Todd Hamilton, just five strokes worse than Justin Leonard, and just six strokes worse than John Daly. I think the natural step from here is for her to hire John Daly as a coach/advisor, much like Andy Roddick has done with Jimmy Connors.


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