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Michigan Sports Hall Of Fame Is Sad Metaphor For Entire State

The Michigan Sports Hall of Fame is $150,000 in debt, even thought it has no employees and doesn't pay rent. Now they want to sell the plaques to raise money, which sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

The Hall of Fame is literally just a hallway in the back of Cobo Center, a place that most Michiganders avoid like Fort Wayne. (The only thing useful that ever happens there is the Detroit Auto Show.) Because there is no building and (obviously) no money coming in, the directors must have mistakenly believed that did not have to file taxes for the last three years, so now they're under investigation by the state Attorney General's office. Four board members, including the Chairman, resigned last week as a result. So now, their genius idea to escape financial ruin is to sell the bronze plaques that honor the state's greatest sports legends.


Of course, if you sell the bronze plaques then you don't really have a Hall of Fame, do you? You just have a hallway. Then again, that's more than most business in the state of Michigan can say these days. That poor, poor state.

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