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Michigan's Parachute Guy Has Raised The Bar On Ball-Delivery Stunts

This video is nearly four minutes long. It has a man jumping out of a plane and into Michigan Stadium before last week's Michigan St-Michigan game. It is great.

You see this, Cincinnati Reds? The University of Michigan isn't impressed by some weak-ass Navy SEAL demonstration. The Blue goes balls to the wall. According to the Wired story about this, the jumper is Sgt. Adam Sniffen of the 101st Airborne Division, and he has not "missed a target in more than 800 career jumps"—though the video evidence of said jumps is sorely lacking. Still, he lands on a conveniently located X near the end zone. Not too shabby, Sarge.


Clearly, if Michigan can pull off something like this, there may be hope for them yet.

Video: 101st Airborne Delivers Game Ball From Above [Wired Playbook]


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