Mickelson's Wife Openly Mocks Him (Again)

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We've always kind of assumed golfer Phil Mickelson's wife is always laughing at him. Her attractiveness level vastly exceeds his — like, vastly — he's more famous for losing at golf than for winning and, all told, he's kind of doof (and a notoriously bad gambler — but we won't get into that here). Well, she had a new reason to doubt her decision to marry him at the British Open last week: He filled his rental car with Diesel fuel. To quote Ms. Mickelson:

"I told him I didn't mean to laugh," Mickelson's wife, Amy, told the San Diego Union-Tribune, "but it was so funny, I was laughing hysterically."

This also sums up Amy's reaction every time she sees Mickelson at a tournament. When they get home, he sulks in front of a large screen showing and endless loops of Tiger Woods highlights while she rolls around with the gardner on a bed of 100-dollar bills. Just our guess, anyway.


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