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Ah, the Mick. Mickey Mantle stands as a symbol of all that was right in the game in the 1950s, and all that is wrong with the game now. Mickey Mantle was dignity, strength, power ... the All-American boy playing the All-American game. His presence reminds us of a simpler time, back when sports meant something ... back when we were all more innocent.

Like when Mantle was asked by the Yankees, back in 1973, to submit his Yankee Stadium memories on the big yard's 50th anniversary. In response to the "I consider the following my outstanding experience at Yankee Stadium" question, he wrote:

I got a blow job under the right field bleachers by the Yankee bullpen. It was about the third or fourth inning. I had pulled a groin and couldn't f—k at the time.

And it goes on from there. Mickey Mantle: No longer just the guy who has sustained every Billy Crystal erection for the last 45 years.

When It Was A Game [Bad Idea Blue Jeans]

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