So did Miguel Paul really meet his NBA All-Star cousin during a post-game locker room celebration? It's depends on what you definition of "did" is.

After the Hornets' Chris Paul told the world that he had never heard of or met this alleged "Miguel" person, the Missouri freshman guard had to backtrack on his story a little bit. School officials clarified yesterday, saying that Miguel Paul's father met a man named James Paul, who is Chris Paul's uncle. The two talked and realized that they have a lot of common friends and even a few common relatives. Miguel and Chris are apparently not first cousins (even though it says that in Mizzou media guide), but they are distant relations and Miguel's family was invited to the Paul family reunion. So that's something! I'm sure Big 12 fans will keep that in mind and not ridicule him at all when the Tigers visit this season.

Missouri coach Mike Anderson sums it up this way: “Miguel’s situation. He’s a part of that (Paul) family. Maybe not as big a part as he thought he was.”

Ok, maybe they didn't actually meet, but they do have a real "connection." And honestly, when you get right down to it—aren't we all related to every other person on this big beautiful ball we call Earth? Now how about a hug?


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