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Mike And The Mad Dog: Divorce Inevitable?

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Newsday's Neil Best broke the news that New York's all-world radio yappers "Mike and the Mad Dog" may soon be no more and, now, more theories emerge that this could actually happen sooner than later.

The Big Lead digs for answers and comes up with a few possible scenarios. One of the most plausible ones, and one I've heard as well, points to an amicable divorce:

One popular theory is that WFAN would keep one host, should the pair decide the partnership is untenable. Sources feel this would be a disaster for the show, since the reason for the pair's success is that the supremely arrogant Francesa brings a modicum of credibility to the airwaves (boasting about his cozy relationship with Bill Parcells, for instance), and plays well against Russo's silly, fanboy, gibberish antics.


Would it be that much of a disaster? They're both capable of holding their own audience and whichever one is left behind will benefit from the coverage the split gets. Right now, Francesa is the guy who seems most non-committal and willing to part ways. Russo, on the other hand, isn't budging. And after all of this is over, will Tony Bruno still be unemployed?

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