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Mike Clevinger Is Just Ridiculously Angry At Robert Flores For Sharing A Silly Video

Cleveland starter Mike Clevinger pitched adequately in his team’s final game of the postseason on Monday, though the relievers after him completely self-destructed in the 11-3 loss to the Astros. It seems like that’s still a sore spot for Clevinger.

MLB Network’s Robert Flores shared the following video on Twitter today, apparently created by an Astros fan back in May, adding “the Internet remains undefeated.” And Clevinger just absolutely freaked out at him for it. All Clevinger’s upset about is basically just a clip of the pitcher saying, “They’re not that special,” after a May loss to the Astros, followed by “The Sound Of Silence” over video of Indians pitchers getting shelled by Houston.


This was enough for Clevinger to get extremely Mad Online, calling Flores a cockroach, a teenage girl, an idiot, an unprofessional child, and “soft as pudding,” while also apparently trying multiple times to get in touch with Flores over the phone. (The tweets from Clevinger have since been deleted, as has the original video post from Flores, though his replies remain up.)


Clevinger normally comes off as an extremely chill long-haired hippie dude who likes to express himself with his equipment, engage in fascinating discussions about the universe, and be a cute dad. But maybe getting swept was enough to turn him pugilistic.

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