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Mike Florio On Geno Smith: People Treat Me Like Shit, Don't Respect Me

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Lousy New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith will miss 6 to 10 weeks with a broken jaw after an irate benchwarmer unleashed the fists of fury on him this morning. Reports say Smith put his finger in linebacker IK Enemkpali’s face during an argument, and caught a hook for it.


Lots to laugh about, here! The sheer Jetsiness of it is one funny thing: Carolina’s Cam Newton got in a fight with a defender this week, and he’s fine; the Jets’ young quarterback flew apart like a matchstick Amir Khan from one punch. Then there’s the compounded Jetsiness of the Jets being lousy enough that an injury to Geno Smith counts as a disaster for them—Oh no! Who will not complete passes for us now?

For my money, though, the clubhouse leader for the funniest part of this whole affair (so far) is this tweet, from ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio:


People put their fingers in my face a lot. That is the central thing Mike Florio is saying, here. They jab their flippin’ fingers in my mug often enough that I would be imprisoned for a lengthy gol-dang list of assaults and batteries if I responded to all of them as IK Enemkpali did, which I don’t. This isn’t something to brag about, my man! Why is everyone so angry at you all the time?

I like to imagine that, after he hit the “Tweet” button on this message, ol’ Mike sat back in his seat and gradually turned the color of chalk as its full meaning dawned on him. I generate a lot of explosive hostility in others. Imagine learning that about yourself. Damn. Dark moment. Dark moment for Mike. Feel for you, buddy.

(Also, count your lucky stars, Jaxson DeVille! Only by the graceful restraint of Mike Florio have your raw owns not been met with savage violence.)

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