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Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio announced yesterday that he had a giveaway for his readers: eight codes for a free copy of a football video game. This gesture turned out to be easier promised than executed.

The first code was given away in the form of a trivia question.

In that signature Florio way, however, the process of determining a winner for a basic contest turned out to be very complicated.

The second code was simply tossed to the masses.

Florio, who admitted he was already regretting this whole thing, crowdsourced to find the best way to give away the remaining codes. I think the person who made the best suggestion for giving away codes should have won a code.

Florio then resorted to hiding the codes in Instagram photos.

Three hours after the photos were posted, no one had yet figured it out.

The next task for a code: Make Mike Florio laugh.

Sixteen minutes later, Florio had not laughed.

This giveaway was deteriorating.

Florio gave away all but one of the remaining codes on the radio today. With an hour left, he resorted to the one thing that couldn’t possibly fail him, a football writer staple: Seinfeld quotes.

Seinfeld failed him. An hour later, he tried again.

The people still needed a hint.

Florio did it. He gave away all of the codes. Thank the heavens PFT’s readership no longer has to live in fear of this threat.